One of the original five players within our Rainbow Six: Siege team,Muhammad Aideed also known by the in-game name LAT a tribute to his surname Latiff. LAT Has decided to step down from the current active roster after ESL R6’s Challenger League Qualifiers which took place last Saturday and Sunday, as well the weekend before that. Aideed has always shown a promising presence within the game and towards his teammates as well, He has also shared the reason for removing himself from the main roster. 


“I think the main reason for me leaving the team is because of having to compete and working at the same time, I have no time for me to train or even grind my hours with the team lately. For this reason, I won’t be coming back to the R6 scene it takes a lot of time and effort to play the game which I don’t have anymore. I really like the game, I’ve played it since the beta days. My teammates are not the best, but they are the nicest people and most patient people I’ve ever met. Not everyone and certainly not all can put up with me, I would like to thank all of them for helping me to improve my skills in the game and how they treated me was like I belong to a family.”


– Muhammad “Lat” Aideed 


Our founder has also stated some words to express his feelings about the departure of Aideed from the Rainbow Six: Siege roster. 


“What I started with was five strangers that do not know each other back in December 2018, Seeing the relationship now on how the boys have with LAT is something that we can’t forget about.  As if they were like brothers not by blood but by the sheer bond that they’ve created, I believe that LAT’s decision is highly understandable, respected and replacing a player of his caliber is not going to be easy but not impossible either.  I wish him the best of luck during his run in the Overwatch World Cup 2019 and I will be supporting him back home as how I’ve always did for the boys in purple. #MYTime”

– Muzaffar “Senpai” Shah

 We wish LAT for his future successes as he will be on the battlefield representing Team Malaysia alongside with five other talented individuals during the Overwatch World Cup 2019. Aideed will always be a panther in our hearts and he will always leave a mark and please help us in bidding a warm farewell to a panther.




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